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How to Make Your Period Come Faster [Ultimate Guide]


Usually, you miss your period when you are pregnant. But sometimes the period gets missed for hormonal imbalance. It is healthy to have your menstrual cycle every 21-35 days. Girls usually late on their period when their first period begins and when menopause starts.

Why is my period so late.?

If your period is missed and you don’t know the reason, then these following reasons can cause your late period. These are fundamental reasons that can cause you a new period.

But if you are not having any of these reasons, try to consult a doctor immediately. Not having a period is a severe problem. I hope you do not have an acute problem, and this information may help you.

Why Is My Period Late.? 7 Possible Reasons

01: Hormonal birth control


Birth control pills also cause a late period. Birth control pills have progestin and hormones estrogen; these pills stop egg releasing from ovaries. When you take birth control pills, it immediately affects your ovary. It can take about six months to have a regular cycle after taking the birth control pill.

02: Obesity or Underweight


If you are underweight from your age, it can also cause a late period. Low body weight causes hormonal imbalance. When you visit a gynecologist, she or he will recommend a diet and exercise routine for your obesity. Try to follow the method from your doctor and maintain them.

03: Orgasm


Orgasm is responsible for a late period. When you do orgasm, your hormone changes; this also causes a new period. Orgasm jazzed up all your hormones, so your ovary takes a little more time to release the eggs. Try to eat healthily and do exercise regularly. It will help you to get your regular period back

04: Diet and weight


Diet and weight really affect your period. If you are overweight or underweight, sometimes body hormones go ups and downs. Eating disorders are also responsible for your late period.

Our hormones changed with our weight, eating habits, exercise habits. Proper diet and average weight, according to your height, can help you to get your regular period. You can do the keto diet for a healthy life and a happy lifestyle.

05: Having Sex Delay Period


Sex jazzed up all your hormones. You know when you orgasm, your body just gets excited, and it effected on your hormones. Your ovary stopped releasing eggs for a few days so that it may take a little more time. It is quite reasonable.

It didn’t have any side effects. Your body hormones change naturally and release eggs naturally just a little later.

06: Stress Delay Period


Stress is the top reason for having a late period without getting pregnant. This problem can discard your natural hormones activities. It also affects your weight. 

Doctors always recommend staying away from stress. Stress a direct effect on your body and block the regular activities. You can get sick also. So, now you know how stress can affect your hormones and causes a late period.

07: Pregnancy Delay Period


This is an apparent reason when you are late on your period cycle. The ovary releases your mature eggs. But when you get pregnant, you need those eggs. Those eggs help you to get pregnant.

You have two ovaries. Each of them holds eggs. When your hormones make your eggs from ovaries mature, it is ready to impregnate by the sperm cell. When you do sex and sperm enter in your ovary, it turned up into pregnancy.

What should we eat to get periods early


An irregular period is a common problem for women. Body hormones change continuously. Many women have their period on time; many have an irregular cycle for their hormones or other issues. The period is an uninvited part of women’s life. 

The period is an essential part of women’s life. Because without having your period, you can’t have a child in your womb. So, it is quite necessary to have your period. And if you are having a late period, then you need to consult a doctor.

Typically, if body hormones change then, you have a late period, and when you got pregnant. Sometimes women want their period earlier than their normal cycle. Sometimes you have an event or program on your period cycle. That is really annoying, and you want your period more first than your regular cycle.

Here are some home remedies that will help you to have your period early from regular time. These will help you naturally have an early period.

How to Make Your Period Come Faster :


01: Papaya For early period


Papayas are the most effective fruit that will help you to get an early period. Raw papayas stimulate constriction in your matrix that allows you to get the first period. You can also have ripe papaya. Papaya contains carotene, which stimulates estrogen hormone, and early periods happen. 

How to use papaya to get an early period? Here you go!

Eating papaya helps you the most effective. Try to eat two times a day. You can have homemade papaya juice also.

02: Ginger For Period


Ginger is one of the magical herbs on the earth. The properties of ginger stimulate menstrual flow for the women. But it may give you acidity. It heated up around the uterus, and it releases the eggs early. It helps you to have an early period also. 

The best way to use ginger for the early period has it in the form of juice or tea. You can also consume raw ginger with a little honey. Have a cup of ginger tea or ginger juice (with water) in an empty stomach in the morning regularly. You can also have ginger tea after three meals of the day.

03: Turmeric Benefits


Turmeric is also a magical herb. It helps in most of the body and skin problems. Turmeric has some properties that help to heal the body and release the eggs or matrix. Try to add one teaspoon of turmeric in boiled water. Drink that water twice in a day. Apply this theory before ten days of your wanted date.

04: Dong Quai Health Benefits


Dong Quai is a Chinese herb. It helps to improve blood flow. Dong Quai also stimulates the muscles of the uterus.

It promotes uterine health and gives you a regular period. You can have it in the form of tea. Drink Dong Quai tea in the morning and evening. Twice in a day. You can find Dong Quai as a tablet, capsule, liquid, tincture, and soft gel. 

05: Black cohosh


Black cohosh is a wildflower. It is basically used for women’s problems. It also has other benefits. Black cohosh used for hormonal therapy. This balances the estrogen level and provides many health effects. 

You can have black cohosh as a dried herb and consume it in the form of tea. You can have it as a capsule, or tablet, or tincture. If you have it as a tea, then drink it after three-times of a meal.

05: Vitamin c For Period


Vitamin C is excellent for your health and skin. If you consume a high level of vitamin C, it increases your estrogen hormone and stimulates matrix contractions. It reduces progesterone level, which breaks the viviparous and starts to bleed. Citrus fruits contain a high amount of vitamin C. Add lemon, orange, kiwi, broccoli, bell peppers, tomatoes on your diet.

06: Pineapple


Studies show that pineapple has a rich source of bromelain. It is an enzyme that affects hormones. That also effects on estrogen hormones.

Bromelain reduces inflammation. So, it also helps in irregular periods. Eat pineapple slices two times a day or drink pineapple juice two times a day. It will help your period arrive faster.

What happens right before your period?


Before you get your period, your body shows some signs. These signs are called PMS, which stands for Premenstrual Syndrome. These signs appear about a week before your period. You should know about these signs correctly. That way, you can be prepared for your period. 

Why do periods change dates?


If your regular routine changes, it can be a reason for your late or early period. Your hormonal imbalance can be the cause. Sometimes stress causes your period to come too soon or too late. Birth control and STI can also be the reason. Doctors say that thyroid can cause your periods to change the date.

To get your periods on track, lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy food and drink water. Exercise daily doesn’t take too much stress. And have a healthy sleeping routine.

Here I am showing some problems that happen when you have your menstrual cycle.

01: Abdominal Cramps

Abdominal cramps are a common sign of the incoming period. These cramps can be excruciating. Pains start about 1 or 2 weeks before your period and generally ends after you start bleeding.

If the cramps become too much, take painkillers. Eat fruits. And avoid fast foods and sugary foods. Some say that chamomile tea, warm milk, warm ginger tea helps. Try to avoid caffeine. Drink lots of water. Also, you can use a hot water bag. You will feel better.

02: Acne

Acne is a widespread problem for girls. It can be very annoying. When you are close to your period, your hormones start rising.

The main reason for your acne is hormones. Rising hormones activate sebum production and clog pores, which causes acne. Also, hormones increase the production of bacteria. That is why you get acne before your period.

These acnes are sometimes painful. So, use a cotton pad and soak it into warm water. Then dab onto your acne. It will soothe the pain. You can also use ice for the pain. To kill the bacterias, use benzoyl peroxide.

Stay away from fast foods; also, sugary drinks and foods. Eat healthy food. And drink a lot of water.

03: Tender Breasts

Tender Breasts are very common before your period. It is a part of PMS. Tender breasts can be a sign of Fibrocystic Breast Disease. It indicates the painful, lumpy breasts before period.

Your hormone level rises or falls before your period. Estrogen largens the breast ducts. And Progesterone swells the milk glands, which causes the soreness of the breasts.

Your breasts might feel very sore and sensitive. You may also feel a bit of dull ache. It starts before your period and can disappear after bleeding starts. Some women might now feel tenderness

04: Bloating

Bloating is very common before the period. It can be very uncomfortable. The stomach sticks out because of the bloating. Which can cause insecurity?

This Bloating causes the abdomen to feel heavy and swollen. It is one of the PMS symptoms. The hormone level of our body starts to rise and fall during this time. The Progesterone and Estrogen level causes the body to retain more water and salt than usual, which creates a feeling of bloating. 

During bloating, avoid salty food. Also, stop eating fast foods. Try to eat potassium-rich food. Drink lots of water. And try to exercise.

05: Bowel issues

Bowel issue is a part of the PMS symptoms. The Progesterone and Estrogen level causes gas and bloating before period. Your Estrogen level rises. That can cause gas, constipation, or diarrhea.

Diet can help a lot. Avoid the foods that cause gas. Also, stay away from beer and other carbohydrates drinks. Stop eating fast food. Drink lots of water. And try to eat homemade healthy meals. Exercising daily also helps. 

06: Headache

Your hormones start to rise and fall during this time. It is a common symptom of PMS. Getting a headache before the period is reasonable. The fall of the Estrogen level can cause a problem. Also, it can cause tension.

If the headache feels too much, have a painkiller. Using an ice pack also helps to lessen the pain. Try to relax because tension causes the throbbing in your head. Eat less sugary and fatty food. Sleeping can relieve pain. So try to sleep when you have a headache.

07: Mood Swings

Mood swing is very common before the period. It is a part of the PMS. Mood swings can be tough to handle. It makes people more moody than usual. Also, very emotional. Mood swings cause a sudden change in the mood. Sometimes you may feel happy and sometimes sad. Sometimes Angry or emotional.

Mood swings happen because of the hormones. Experts say that a low level of serotonin causes a change in mood. Try to be acquainted with your mood swings. Eat healthy food, exercise daily, and drink lots of water.

08: Lower Back pain

Your body might ache before your period. It is very reasonable. Lower back pain is a regular symptom of the PMS. This pain is caused by hormone change. Rises of Prostaglandins cause painful menstruation. Too much contraction is the reason for lower back pain.

To reduce lower back pain, have a painkiller. Put a heating pad on your lower back. It will help to ease the pain. Rest and have healthy food.

09: Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder. It causes trouble in falling asleep. It is a reasonable condition to have before the period. The hormone changes before your period, and these hormones are the reason for insomnia.

Try to be acquainted with your sleep habits. Drink warm milk before going to bed. Relax and give rest to your brain. Try counting from 1 to 100 backward. It can help you fall asleep if you can’t fall asleep. The try reading a book. Stay away from your phone.



Why is my period so late?

Are you not having your period? Did you get a pregnancy test? Most time, pregnancy is the reason for the late period. But not all the time, it is the only reason. The period can be late for your hormonal imbalance or other issues. If your menopause starts, it is normal to have a late period or no period.

Eating disorder, underweight/overweight, Obesity, thyroid, stress, birth control pills, sex all can be the reason for the late period.

Last year I had a late period because of my eating disorder. I ate so much junk foods that affect my weight, health, and hormones. So, I have my period after 40 days. I was so scared. After that, I changed my diet and did exercise. Now I have to have a regular period, just in time.

What should we eat to get periods early?

Having a period in an event or program is really annoying. Every woman wants their period does not happen during an occasion. There are a few ways that will help you to get an early period before your regular date.

When I had my late period, I say no to junk food and start to eat healthily and do exercise. We can eat Ginger, Papaya, Pineapple, Turmeric, vitamin C, Black cohosh, Dong Quai for having a naturally early period. We can also try medicine, but for me, I think usually getting the first period is best.

How to know when your first period is coming?

It can’t be said when your first period is coming. Well, you will get your period during puberty. Puberty is that time when your body changes inside and outside. Most of the time, puberty starts at the age of 13/14. But some girls have their adolescence at the age of 8 just because of their growth.

Every girl has her own time of puberty. Before you are getting your period, you will notice some signs. Like  Cramps, Discharge coming from the vagina, Eating disorder, Mood swings, Itchy breasts.

These are some primary symptoms before the period. Put some sanitary pads and underwear with you.

Is white discharge is a sign of period coming?

Yes, white discharge is a sign of period coming. You will get white or off-white color discharge before six months of your first period.

Will aspirin make my period come faster?

Aspirin helps to prevent blood clots. If your blood vessel gets blocked by a clot, and you take aspirin regularly, your blood clots will be removed. So, that means you will get your period earlier than the regular routine.

Can being sexually active make your period early?

No, being sexually active can’t make your period early. Being sexually active didn’t change your hormones for the early period. Sometimes it changes your hormones and causes you late period. Studies also said that sex doesn’t bring you the first period.

Do bananas delay your period?

No, bananas don’t delay your period. Banana has vitamin B6, potassium, and magnesium. Vitamin B6 boosts estrogen metabolism. It is a multivitamin that helps to have a regular period. Potassium helps to reduce cramps and to get a monthly period cycle. Magnesium reduces stress and nervousness. 

How long does a normal period last?

Your first period can last a little longer than a reasonable period. My first period stayed for nine days. Typically, the period lasts from 1-7 days. A few women’s periods last for 3-5 days. The more you are getting older, your period lasts, time will become smaller.

How can I check my virginity?

Virginity test will help you to know that you are a virgin or not. There is no home test to test your virginity. Virginity test means the check of the hymen. The presence of an intact hymen makes you a virgin. It can’t be done at home. You need to check this by a gynecologist.

Which hormones trigger menstruation?

Estrogen and progesterone hormones trigger menstruation. If estrogen and progesterone hormone get influenced, it matured the follicles of ovaries. Some of these ripened follicles release eggs, and that causes period.

How to Get Your Period Faster :

Final Thought

Girls also have an irregular period when they are having sex or having an eating disorder or stress. Irregular period or late period always gives extra tension, cause you to know when you do not have your period, which means you are pregnant or you are having a severe problem with your body.

Finally, I tell you this is the proven method you can make your period come faster easily and naturally. If you like this method and technique, which I share in my article. Please make sure you share this info with others. As a result, women knew about how they make their period come faster.


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