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How to gain weight and muscle | Gain Weight Fast


Not only losing weight is challenging but also gaining weight is too difficult. People who are thinner than regular figures have to face a lot of difficulties. Having a perfect diet will help you to gain weight and muscle.

Everyone wants a perfect body. Underweight people suffer from many problems. Moreover, some people want to gain some muscles even after they are not underweight. It doesn’t matter if you eat a lot. Some food contains very low calories, which can make you full but won’t provide you with the calories you need.

Here I am sharing ten foods that will help you to gain weight and muscle. It can be a little struggle, but these foods will help you.

01: Cheese:

Cheese contains a high level of calories. That means a small piece of cheese can provide you with lots of calories. Each cheese has a different level of calories. Cheese is one of those things that you can eat in abundance and not worry about gaining weight or looking bloated. It’s also a great source of protein, calcium, vitamin A and D, riboflavin, potassium and zinc. In fact, cheese contains all the nutrients necessary to maintain muscle mass during weight gain.The most top calorie is in cheddar cheese, and the lowest calorie is in cottage cheese. It keeps a vital role in gaining weight and muscle.

02: Dark Chocolate:

You only gain weight when you consume too many calories. Dark chocolate has high calorie and antioxidants. A person should add chocolate in his diet, which contains 70 per cent cacao content. In dark chocolate, you will find a high level of cacao than other chocolate. If you add dark chocolate in your regular diet, you will gain weight and muscle

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03: Nuts:

It is a high-calorie food with proper nutrition. It does not only help you to gain weight and muscle but also keep you healthy. If you make a habit of consuming nuts regularly, it will keep your health, heart, and skin. Nuts are used in weight loss too. But if you consume more nuts and exercise, it will remain a vital role in building your muscles.


04: Red Meats:

Red meat is an excellent source of gaining weight and muscle. Steak provides creatine and leucine that keeps a vital role in building muscle and gaining weight. Well, the leaner cut of red meat is healthier than fattier cuts. Red meat is full of protein and nutrition that helps to weight gain and build muscle.

05: Potatoes and Starches:

Potatoes are a fantastic source to gain weight. Potato contains potassium, fiber, vitamin b-6, vitamin C, fats. If you wish to build muscle and gain weight, potato is an excellent food that you must need in your diet. Not only potato but also other starches also have a high level of calories. They are full of calories.

Starches will give you energy in the form of glucose that stored as glycogen in a body. Potatoes, oats, beans, corn, buckwheat, cereal bars, sweet potatoes, pasta, whole-grain foods, etc. has rich starches.

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06: Salmon and Oily Fish:

Salmon contains so many calories that you can’t even imagine. These calories help to gain weight with protein and nutrition. Fish oil from salmon, trout, tuna, oyster, mackerel, etc. is effective. Fish oil also has omega-3.

That will not cost anything. It is perfect for getting beautiful skin, hair, and body. It also helps you to prevent some diseases. This oil from fish won’t harm your body. 

07: Protein Supplements:

Protein supplements help to gain weight and muscle. Athletes always take protein supplements to boost their muscle mass. If someone builds muscle and weight naturally, it is best and helpful.

But if anyone wants to develop their muscle and weight fast, a protein supplement is a good option for them. Those who wish to gain their weight their first target is to gain muscle.

08: Avocados:

Avocados are full of nutrition. It contains vitamins, minerals, calories, and fat. Having an avocado in your diet will help you to gain weight. You will build a mass muscle too. It is a high calorie and energy-dense fruit. Try to treat avocado like a fat source, not like fruit.

09: Healthy Fats and Oils:

Healthy fats and oils like milk, egg, avocado, olive, cheese, nuts, peanut butter, sunflower, sesame, flaxseed, soybean, soy milk, avocados, milk, egg, oily fish, butter, Ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. are full of calories. Moreover, one tablespoon of olive oil contains 100-120 calories. So, consume healthy fats and oils to gain weight and muscle.

10: Yogurt:

Yogurt can also get nutrition and protein from full-fat yogurt. Try to read the label and check the calorie and fat amount. Yogurt contains lots of nutritional properties. It helps to enrich your weight and muscle.

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Best Weight Gain foods For all


How to Gain Weight Naturally?

You can get weight naturally by increasing the calorie and fat you consume in a day. Usually, Gaining weight is the process of consuming more calories than you burn in a day. You need to add high-calorie food in your diet. Say no to drink and smoke. Try to eat healthy with fats and calories. Eat more calories and fats that don’t harm your body.

What is weight gain food?

Weight gain food is the food that has enough level of calories and fats to make your weight gain. Weight gain foods are all types of nuts, peanut butter, sunflower, sesame, flaxseed, soybean, soy milk, avocados, milk, egg, oily fish, yogurt, starchy foods, whole grain food, red meat, dark chocolate, etc. Always try to read the label to find out the calorie, fat, and nutrition amount of foods.

11: Don’t drink water before meals

If you drink water before you have your meal, it will fill you up. You will not be able to eat enough and adequately. You can drink fruit juice or smoothie before you have your meal. They contain calories, and it will help you to gain weight naturally.

12: Use bigger plates when you eat

I would say the plate keeps a vital role in your Weight and muscle gained process. In like manner, a small plate will help you to lose weight, and a bigger plate will help you to gain weight.

The bigger plate will help you to eat more food than a smaller plate. You can have more food on your plate, and your mind will let you know that you are eating enough.

13: Get quality sleep

Sleep in very important for your health. It directly affects your health. Lack of sleep makes you tired, and your body doesn’t support you to do anything.

Having more sleep than also enough to make your tires. Quality sleep will help you to have a perfect body and a sound mind. Try to sleep 6-8 hours a day.

14: Add cream to your coffee

Most of the people like to drink coffee in the morning and evening. Many people drink 5/6 cups (1.42 l) of coffee in a day. Well, coffee has a mixed connection to your health. If you drink black coffee, it will boost your metabolism. On the other hand, if you add cream.

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In summary, we can say the secret of gaining weight is to consume more calories than you burn. Try to do exercise regularly. Eating healthy foods and lifting weight will build up your muscles.

Eat healthy fats and calories that won’t harm your body. Follow a routine, perfect diet, and regular exercise. Gain weight and building muscle is not a very difficult thing. It is easier than losing weight.


  1. Very nice article you explain everything. also, very helpful for skinny people I must say if anyone follows these steps he or she would get results for sure.


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