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How to stop shoes from squeaking when walking


Are you tired of squeaky shoes when you walk? Do you feel like everyone is staring at your feet whenever you take a step? In this blog post, we will provide some easy tips and tricks on how to stop shoes from squeaking when walking. Read on to find out more!

How to stop shoes from squeaking when walking:

01: Understand the Cause of Squeaking Shoes

The main cause of squeaking shoes is when the tongue rubs against the collar. Moisture in the midsole can also cause squeaking. Sanding down the soles with fine-grain Sandpaper can help improve traction and prevent your shoe soles from squeaking. Applying shoe wax or dryer sheets can also help reduce friction and, thus, reduce squeaking. Polished surfaces can also contribute to squeaking, so avoid them if possible. Lastly, you can use unscented talcum powder or replace insoles to help reduce squeaking. These methods will help you stop your shoes from squeaking when walking.

02: Make Sure Shoes are Dry

Ensuring your shoes are dry is important to prevent them from squeaking when walking. Moisture can get trapped between the shoe soles and the upper, so wiping down your shoes after they get wet is essential. Also, try to avoid walking in wet conditions and be mindful of where you store your shoes. If possible, store them in a dry area with good ventilation. If you’ve recently cleaned your shoes, make sure they are completely dry before wearing them. You can use a hair dryer or fan to help speed up the process. To further protect against moisture buildup, you can apply shoe wax or petroleum jelly.

02: Use a Shoe Cleaner

Try to use a shoe cleaner like WD-40 Brand. You can use it by spraying it outside your shoes and not directly into the sock liner. This will help to lubricate the sole and reduce the noise. Before applying this, ensure your shoes are dry, as wet shoes can lead to squeaking due to the lack of traction when walking. In addition, try avoiding polished surfaces, as these can make it harder for the sole of your shoe to grip the ground as you walk.

03: Apply Dryer Sheets

Rubbing a dryer sheet on the bottom of your shoes coats the soles with a thin layer of wax, which helps to reduce friction. You can also slip a dryer sheet beneath the removable insole of your shoes to reduce the friction between the insole and the shoe itself. Any dryer sheet, like Downy or Bounce, can be used for this purpose. This is an excellent option for lowering shoe noise and leaves your running shoes smelling nice and fresh.

04: Avoid Polished Surfaces

One of the main causes of squeaky shoes is polished surfaces. When you walk, the sole of the shoe will rub against the polished surface, creating friction that can create a squeaking sound. To avoid this, make sure to rough up the soles of your shoes with Sandpaper or a brush. It would help if you also tried to avoid wearing shoes with shiny surfaces, as these are more likely to cause squeaking when you walk. Additionally, if you already have a pair of shoes with a polished surface, you can use a shoe cleaner to remove any excess polish and reduce any friction that may be causing the squeaking.

05: Use Sandpaper with a 120-220 Grit

Once you’ve made sure your shoes are dry, you can use Sandpaper to help stop the squeaking. Sandpaper with 120-220 grit is best for this job as it’s fine enough to smooth out the shoe’s surface without damaging it. Be gentle and move the Sandpaper in a circular motion when sanding. This will help prevent any further damage to the shoe. After sanding, you can use a shoe cleaner to wipe away any dust or debris.

06: Apply Shoe Wax

If you want to keep your shoes squeak-free, apply shoe wax. It’s a great way to reduce friction between the two surfaces that are rubbing together. To apply the wax, heat it and spread it over the leather surfaces of the shoe. Use a soft cloth or brush to spread the wax evenly for the best results. If you don’t have shoe wax handy, you can use petroleum jelly or moldable wax as alternatives. Once applied, allow the wax to dry and enjoy squeak-free walking!

07: Try Unscented Talcum Powder

One of the easiest ways to prevent your shoes from squeaking is to try unscented talcum powder. Talcum powder is designed to absorb moisture, which can help reduce the friction between the shoe surfaces. It can also help reduce moisture buildup inside your shoes. To apply, sprinkle a generous amount of talcum powder inside your shoe, and spread it evenly. You can also sprinkle some underneath the sole if you have a removable sole. If talcum powder doesn’t work, consider using baby powder as an alternative.

08: Replace Insoles

If your squeaky shoes have non-removable insoles, you may need to replace them. To do this, start by removing the old insoles and then sprinkle baby powder on the inside of the shoe and insole. To ensure the powder is distributed evenly:
Move the insole around inside the shoe.
Lubricate the inside of the shoe and insole with a specialized shoe conditioner, WD-40, or even vaseline – this should help to reduce any squeaking sounds.

If you suspect that the tongue of your shoes is causing the squeaking, apply some talcum powder underneath the laces. Once you have replaced your insoles and taken all of these steps, you should find that your shoes no longer squeak when you walk!

09: Wear Leather Shoes

Wearing leather shoes can also help prevent squeaking. Leather is a natural material that provides flexibility and absorbs moisture, which can help prevent squeaky noises. It is also important to note that leather shoes are durable and will last longer than synthetic materials. This is important to consider if you are trying to avoid the annoyance of squeaky shoes. Using saddle soap or a leather conditioner can also help keep the leather supple and prevent any creases from forming, which can cause squeaking noises when you walk.

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In conclusion, squeaky shoes can be annoying, but there are ways to prevent them. Start by understanding the cause of squeaking shoes and ensuring they are dry before attempting any other methods. Then use a shoe cleaner, dryer sheets, Sandpaper, or wax to prevent squeaking, and use unscented talcum powder or replace insoles for extra protection. Finally, if you wear leather shoes, they do not squeak as much. With these tips in mind, you should be able to reduce or eliminate squeaking in your shoes.


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